See Things Differently

‘After years of coaching clients in the workplace, I often felt like I was coaching half a person. Employees are naturally reluctant to reveal anything that they feel will jeopardise their position. 90% of the time the issues they have in the workplace are triggered by personal issues they are dealing with outside their work environment.’


M Lawson Wall Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

The perk your employees will want…

The easy and cost effective way to offer coaching to all your employees whenever they need it.

Assist Coaching allows your employees to be coached on any matter whether it be work related or personal.

Our carefully constructed Four Step Coaching Method has been specially designed to deliver progress quickly.

Step 1 – Find their core.


We help employees find their ‘core issue’ and encourage them to reflect and identify what the ‘true cause’ of their issue is. Rather than just focus on the effect that their issue is having on them.

Step 2 Create Action


After a client has found their ‘core’, creating action will come naturally to them; our coaches will just move them forward faster towards that desired outcome, making the change their reality more quickly!

Step 3 – Step Closer


In step 3, our coaches will encourage your employees to reflect on the steps they have taken.

After taking action they may want to increase their momentum or they might find they want to change course, re-evaluate, and go back to Step 1. Circumstances change!

Our clients need always come first not a coaching model.

Step 4 –  ‘Reward and Reflect’


This step allows a client to celebrate their progression from where they were they were to where they are now.

They may no longer need us after this point, and we’ll be so happy they achieved their desired outcome and improved their wellbeing.

Remember! Our corporate model allows employees to text a coach whenever they want.

All of our coaches have received extensive training on our coaching model ensure that your employees get the best support at all times.