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Seeing Thing Differently


Our bespoke wellbeing service allows an employer to offer immediate responsive text coaching to all of their employees supporting their wellbeing both inside and outside the workplace.


Our range of wellbeing solutions is suitable for any size of organisation, from smaller businesses to large corporations and the Public Sector.


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Promoting wellbeing in the workpace.

Monthly Wellbeing Coaching Service


Our monthly wellbeing coaching service is suitable for any size of organisation starting from 5 employees upwards.   


Our flexible coaching bundle structure enables organisations to choose the coaching package that is bespoke to them. Whether a business offers a coaching package to all of their employees, specific departments or individual employees the choice is theirs.


Our specially designed Step Approach Model has been designed to get to the core of any issue quickly. We expect most employees to have made significant progress in meeting their challenge by 15 texts.


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How does it work?


Once subscribed to our service, your organisation will be allocated a unique text coaching number will you can distribute to your employees.  Employees can use the unique number to access a trained coach whenever they want via text message.

What are the costs?


You will be required to pay a monthly fee to access our coaching service, the cost will be dependant on the number of employees you would like to access the service. We charge per employee, therefore we can offer a bespoke pricing package to each individual business. 

What kind of a return on investment am I likely to receive?


This is a difficult question to answer and to some extent hard to answer. As part of wellbeing package we do encourage you to survey your employees to find out their feedback the service, however, we do encourage you to do this anonymously. We will also provide you with some data, however, confidentiality and anonymity is our priority.


To asses, the ROI of text coaching, measurements that could be used are staff absence, employees productivity and sales, staff retention, recruitment, personal and wellbeing in the workplace, employee morale, however, all these factors can be affected by other factors not just our service.

 Do I have to use our coaches?


No, if you prefer you can employ your own coaches to answer your texts. We have developed a bespoke text coaching model which has been approved by many of those in the coaching industry. Our unique ‘Step Approach, uses NLP and established coaching models to ensure clients make progress quickly.


It is worth noting one of the USPs of the Text Coaching Service is that the employee has access to personalised coaching any time of day, 7 days a week, to provide this fulfilment you must have coaches available to answer texts 24 /7.  Most partners prefer to use our coaches who have been trained on our 4 Step Coaching Model.


What information do we receive about how much the text coaching service is used in the company?


The key factor here is we want to offer an anonymous and confidential service which allows employees to deal with a challenge they have in complete confidence. However, we do appreciate as a company you may want some element of data to help you improve your organisation, that is why we offer anonymous data capture for work-related issues.  Offering the collation anonymous data to provide valuable insight into workplace issues.

Can I set up this wellbeing coaching service abroad?


In short YES, we can offer this service abroad as long as the country in question allows the service.  We are always looking at entering other markets and welcome any enquiries.


Our coaching platform can be accessed from any country and our coaching model can be replicated in any country. We can tailor a specific international business package that caters to international clients.

What support can you offer international partners?


Our international partners can be reassured that they will be offered the same level of support as our UK partners. We can offer as much support as you require both on and off-site.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer support and developing a good relationship with all of our partners. 

What kind of areas do you cover in Text Coaching?


Our coaching model is flexible enough to allow all kind of areas to be covered by our coaches. The essence of our Step Approach Text Coaching Model is to be able to deal with any challenge an employee may have, whether it is work-related or not. Our model has been designed to quickly get to the core of an issue, and then work with the employee to support them on the steps they want to make.

How can I contact you?


We look forward to hearing from you.

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Promoting well-being in the workpace.