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Assist Coaching. Supporting the whole person.

Assist Coaching was formed with the implicit desire for coaching to be readily accessible for all. Our founder, Melanie Lawson Wall had seen first-hand how powerful coaching could work both in and out of the workplace. Her background in coaching in education allows her to see the great benefits to be had once we overcome the limitations of cost and the work place environment.

Bringing Coaching to everyone.

With a background of coaching and telecommunication, we recognised a synergy between the industries. It was clear that we could make coaching more accessible to a greater number of people, whilst also addressing some of the barriers associated with work place coaching.

A Coaching Industry First; Immediate Responsive Coaching; Supporting Well-Being

Why Text Coaching?


Text Coaching breaks down many of the barriers to traditional coaching.  Allowing employees to benefit from coaching wherever and whenever they want it.


Assist Coaching recognise that there are barriers to accessing more traditional coaching sessions in the workplace. Such as cost, fear of confidentiality, time, employee reluctance when addressing issues that are occurring outside of the workplace which may be affecting their work, a frustration of having to wait for a coaching session.


Harnessing our expertise, Assist Coaching have developed a unique Text Coaching platform and coaching model which offers effective, personalised coaching to the end user. Text Coaching gives an organisation the opportunity to offer their employees access a coach in a confidential environment in times of need.

By developing a unique text coaching model encompassing NLP techniques and other tried and tested coaching frameworks our 4 Step Coaching Model allows people to be effectively coached by text.

Our carefully crafted 4 Step Coaching Model allows clients to quickly find the core of issue and then take actions. The coaching platform allows clients to pause their coaching and give them space to process their thoughts, encouraging the client to continue the coaching conversation only when they are ready.

‘The world is changing rapidly and people are using technology more and more to meet their daily needs. Text Coaches is a brilliant idea and provides an exciting new platform for those who want a user friendly and responsive service to match their lifestyle.’

Nigel Pacey, Huntcliff Ltd

Melanie Lawson-Wall


Melanie Lawson Wall

Melanie Lawson Wall – Founder of Assist Coaching

“As a trained coach and NLP Master Practitioner, I have seen first-hand how coaching can have a real effect on people’s lives. Having coached in education for a number of years, I saw the value of coaching but also the limitations of it. Recognising obstacles in the workplace when organising more traditional coaching sessions and the importance of immediate responsive coaching gave me the impetus to develop a new kind of coaching service.

“The aim of Assist Coaching is to provide a quality confidential coaching service to all employees, providing anonymity and support for all their issues in the times when they need it.

Supporting well being both inside and outside the workplace is so important, although we all like to think we can easily compartmentalise and not bring personal issues to work, invariably we often can’t. By providing access to a coach for work and personal matters means that a company can pride itself on supporting the whole person. ’


The Royal Borough of Kington Chamber of Commerce Member